The HES Group

In the Human-Environment Systems (HES) group we conduct problem-driven environmental research. Currently we focus on analysing pathways for creating a sustainable electricity system for Europe and beyond, studying means to mitigate human vulnerability to climate and other natural hazards, and understanding the effects of policies on the use and protection of natural resources.

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Latest News

2014/10/08 – European Consultation Workshop in Paris

HES member Johan Lilliestam has a talk (Potential and perspectives of renewable electricity imports in a post-2020 policy framework) at the "Bringing Europe and third countries closer together through renewable energies" workshop.

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Research Units

We have three research units: Electricity decarbonization, Climate change adaptation and natural hazards, and Natural Resource Policy and Law. The third research unit is independently funded but is embedded within the HES group

Latest Publications

  • Blumer, Y., Lilliestam, J., Moser, C., Seidl, R. (2014). Eine Frage der Perspektive: energiesicherheit in der Debatte um die Schweizer Energiezukunft. Bulletin-online (3.10.2014)
  • Komendantova, N., Pfenninger, S., Patt, A., (2014). Governance Risks as Barriers for Deployment of Renewable Energy Projects in the Mediterranean Region. International Spectator. DOI: 10.1080/03932729.2014.907627
  • Pfenninger, S., Gauché, P., Lilliestam, J., Damerau, K., Wagner, F., Patt, A.: The potential for concentrating solar power systems to provide baseload and dispatchable power, Nature Climate Change 4, 689-692. DOI: 10.1038/nclimate2276

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